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My practice is grounded in Positive Psychology, which is the scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing on multiple levels.

My mission is to collaborate with you to explore what is most important by determining what you want out of your life, your career, and your relationships and then working together to implement a plan for success using your identified inner strengths and resources.

Below are some of the steps we may take together.

Ready to begin?

Uncover Your Strengths

Most of us find it easy to talk about our weaknesses or the parts of ourselves we think need improvement. Our initial work together will focus on uncovering your strengths and help you to understand how these strengths can support you.  As we work together you will learn how to take action and lead from those strengths in your daily life, enabling you to be your best self.

Define Your Destination

When planning a trip we determine our destination before setting out on our journey, though there may be many different ways to get there, we know where we want to end up. Setting a goal in life is much the same. Once we know our direction, we can take steps towards our goals, adjusting our course if necessary along the way. Let’s determine your destination.

Find Your Balance

There are days when balance is elusive…deadlines change, a child is sick, traffic is horrendous, and you can’t fit in your run. These out of balance days are when we need to recognize we don’t have control over many things and we do have control over how we respond. Through our work you will learn proven strategies and habits to keep you anchored on the inside.

Path To Positivity

We humans have a “negativity bias” meaning we are much more likely to remember what is wrong or the negative than we are to remember what is good or the positive. The negative sticks like Velcro and the positive slips away like Teflon. We will identify ways to increase your daily moments of positive emotion and the expansive mindset those moments create.

Journey To Resilience

We all will experience dark times…loss through death or separation, illness, heartbreak, career challenges, or family stressors. Getting through them is survival; getting through them and finding ways to learn and grow is resilience. We will work together to develop your resilience skills, allowing you to adjust to the stressor or crisis, surpassing your previous baseline, becoming more expansive.