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Take 3 deep breaths.

Sometimes a very small book delivers a very big teaching.

In his book Three Deep Breaths: Finding Power and Purpose in a Stressed-Out World Thomas Crum accomplishes just that.

Meet Angus, the book’s relatable hero. He is a stressed out, harried businessman constantly feeling behind the eight ball and searching elusively for his work/life balance. Through often-humorous encounters along the way he is exposed to the deceptively simple, extraordinarily effective Three Deep Breath technique.

Crum writes, “Science has shown us that there are three “C’s” of a stress resistant immune system:

  1. A sense of CONTROL over your response to life events
  2. A sense of COMMITMENT to something beyond your ego (i.e., family, service, religion, or life purpose).
  3. A sense of CHALLENGE and learning opportunity when confronted with a stressor.

The Three Deep Breaths technique is a mind-body process which allows us to achieve the three C’s while balancing our autonomic nervous system through the breath.”

Breath # 1: The Centering Breath

Breath in the present moment, with balance and energy

Breath # 2: The Possibility Breath

Breath in the “me I want to be” with power and purpose

Breath # 3: The Discovery Breath

Breathe in the mystery, let go of judgment

The Centering Breath gives us the calm and balance we need to respond appropriately rather than react negatively in stressful situations.

The Possibility Breath reminds us of a purpose higher than our egos.

The Discovery Breath turns a stressful situation into a crucial learning opportunity.

Spoiler Alert…

Angus finds a way to find a sense of calm in the midst of chaos and turn his stress into positive energy.

He is a hero!

And the best news—the book is a delightful lighthearted read delivering a powerful message.